FAQ for Upgrades and Subscription Renewals

How to renew

Renewals for existing licenses will be applied as extension period to the end of your previous subscription (for example, if your subscription expires 11-Dec-2016, renewing will give you updates until 11-Dec-2017). If your existing subscription has been expired for over three months, you will receive major updates for at least 9 months from the date of renewal. Please note that the term “subscription period” refers to major updates only. As usual product licenses never expire, minor updates with same major version number are always included free of charge and so on. Any questions left? Please contact sales@lmd.de!

Are subscriptions automatically renewed?

No. Because our licenses are perpetual, we do not offer auto-renewing subscriptions. This means that for future cost-reduced major updates, the subscription must be updated manually. You can opt-in in your profile settings to receive notification eMails when your subscription is about to expire.

Will I receive notification mails to renew?

We will send you notification emails before subscription expires when you checked this option on your profile. If you don’t want to receive them or if you want to enable notifications, check your profile page and (un)check option “I want to receive mails about my licenses expiration”.

Early renewal discounts and update pricing

We certainly honour early renewals. The following table summarizes pricing structure before and after subscription expiration:

Period Price
Before and 14 days after expiration date Renewal price - 25%
Between 14 days and 1 year after expiration date Renewal price
Price one year and more after expiration date Full Version price

Can I renew for more than one year?

Yes, sure. On ShareIt! order page simply increase number of items on order page (number of items = number of years). If you want to extend your subscription for more than 2 years, please contact sales@lmd.de to receive additional discounts.

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