• LMD 2017.9 installers are available now in new LMD 2017 download areas (full versions).

    Review changes of this release on history page. This is a minor release and required only, when you need certain fixes.

    General changes of the LMD 2017 platform release can be found on What’s new page.

  • Updated NG 2018 Beta installers (binaries only) are available for registered 2017 users of LMD-Tools, LMD VCL Complete, LMD IDE-Tools, ElPack and NG Controls Pack. Please check your personal download section.

    In this updated release new mobile FMX demos (see the beta product page for iOS demo screenshots) were added, which demonstrate access to several Google Services (e.g. demonstrate how to create a Task app which uses Google Tasks as backend or how to access and visualize Google Calendar Data). Note: Please don’t download files from this page, use your personal download area to get latest NG 2018 beta installers. The beta product page provides screenshots of the new API explorer as well.

    Description of previous news item: Major new feature of this release is the new Connection/Cloud Controls Pack which was fully redesigned and offers now unique features (like the new API Explorer, which allows testing of services right out of the IDE). At the moment all services (and additional ones like Google Sheet) available in ConnectionPack 1 are included, but until final release several additional services will be added (send us your suggestions to

    Please check beta documentation for further infos.

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