ANN: LMD 2019.9 installer available! [UPDATE]

August 9, 2019

New LMD 2019.9 installer are available now in customer download areas and public download area.

Update for Rio (10.3) Users:
A 10.3.2 hotfix release was published by Embarcadero (note: this hotfix release is critical for component/3rd party developers). All LMD 10.3 binary installers were updated against new hotfix release, thus updating first to 10.3.2 is no longer obligatory before using LMD binary packages (they are again compatible with previous 10.3.X releases).

Review changes of this release on history page. This is a mere bug service release (especially required for LMD GridPack and TLMDFormOpenDialog).

General changes of the LMD 2019 platform release can be found on LMD VCL What’s new page.

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