ANN: LMD 2021 Beta 4 installer available!

February 18, 2021

New LMD 2021 Beta 4 installer are available now in customer download areas. Please note that a valid LMD 2021 license is required. This beta release is now mostly feature freezed, this beta focuses on:

  • NG ConnectionPack 2021 major update features (see news page for infos)
  • Bug fixes from beta test
  • (Supported) Standalone Packs are available now for beta testing
  • Inclusion of new democenter demo (Delphi + LMD-Tools only)
  • Update and review of other demos

Before downloading please review major changes of this release on LMD VCL What’s new page.
If you find out any problems, please report them ASAP to support mail or in our forum.

Beta Releases are not recommended for production code. For production releases, please use the latest 2020.X release till 2021 release is made final
Besides that please make sure that a previous LMD release (pre 2021) is completely uninstalled before using the new 2021 installer (especially LMD-Tools and VCL Complete user - otherwise you might receive messages about missing package files which were available in former releases).

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