ANN: New LMD 2021.0 platform release available!

April 8, 2021

New LMD 2021.0 installer are available now in customer and public download areas. Please note that almost all executable demos in public download area were updated and several demos were added (e.g. precompiled Anylogger demo in VCL Complete section). GIT access for LMD VCL Complete 2021 user is available now - please make sure using the new repository URL (available in your customer area).

Major changes in this release are full rework of core and common packages (made possible by supporting XE2 or better only); better support of newer VCL features (TVirtualImageList DPI scaling support, 32bit glyph support); new controls like TLMDFontImageList with auto dpi support; further improved high dpi and multimonitor support (e.g. DockingPack); many fixes and enhancements based on customer feedback; unified installers for NG and LMD products; new democenter and extensive updates for demo projects (e.g. overworked DB demos); extensive update for NG ConnectionPack (supporting many more Google services).
A list of all changes can be found on LMD VCL What’s new page.

All eligible customers with active subscription already received their 2021 licenses. Please contact sales if you don’t see updated license in your customer area.

Please make sure that a previous LMD release (pre 2021) is completely uninstalled before using the new 2021 installer (especially LMD-Tools and VCL Complete user - otherwise you might receive messages about missing package files (e.g. TextPack) which were available in former releases and which are moved now to a legacy package (but controls are certainly still available)). In case of problems please check the Updating to LMD 2021 platform or higher section in our wiki.

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