LMD 2012.0 Beta 1 Release available

September 28, 2011

All customers of main packages (VCL Complete, LMD-Tools, ElPack, IDE-Tools) with valid LMD 2012 access data can download LMD 2012 BETA 1 releases.
Though this release focuses on 64bit support of VCL platform in XE2, several new features for all supported compilers were added.

Until final release date (~ 4 to 5 weeks) 2 additional betas are planned, which add additional controls/functionality (LMD-Tools, ElPack, DockingPack, ScriptPack etc.) for all platforms.
You find at any time latest changes at:
LMD 2012 What’s New Page.

Please report any bugs/problems in our BTS (bts.lmd.de) in the LMD 2012 project.

LMD 2012 releases for standalone packs (or the freeware SE release) will be available after first official release of the new LMD 2012 platform.

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