New freeware ElPack SE version available!

November 30, 2005

This package represents a free extract of our successful LMD ElPack component suite. It is based on LMD ElPack 4 Lite version, which provides mainly access to the TElTree component along with additional support controls. No restrictions exist - all components run outside the IDE as well and can be used royality free in your applications. Check out the public download area to download latest release.

Some of the main features are:

  • Unicode display support
  • HTML formatting with hyperlinks and images in every cell
  • right-to-left tree order support
  • right-to-left text support (for Hebrew and Arabic languages)
  • checkboxes and radiobuttons (both Windows and custom glyphs are supported).
  • filtered displaying of items. Unique!!! You can set the item as hidden and it won’t be displayed or (optionally) processed when selecting a range of items. This allows you to use just one control instead of several controls on the same place.
  • additional columns for each item
  • supports multiple selections
  • auto-sizing support. When the user double-clicks the resize area of the header section ElTree can resize the section according to the optimal width of the underlying column.
  • customizable colors and fonts for every cell
  • button-like style for items. Every item is drawn as a button, and focused item is drawn like pushed button
  • customizable drag’n’drop
  • smart line hints
  • item lookup (optional automatic lookup for every column)
  • inplace editing for every cell (Unicode editing is not available in SE version)
  • owner-drawn items and cells
  • smart pictures displaying
  • draggable and resizable columns
  • filtering support (every header section can have a filter mark and fire an event when the mark is clicked)
  • almost complete compatibility with TTreeView
  • Supports any Win32 version of Delphi 5/CBuilder 5 and higher.

Limitations against commercial versions are among others:

  • No sourcode, no DB support, TElTree is bases on ElPack 4.0 version
  • Only 15 controls against up to 172 controls in ELPack 5.0 Professional
  • Disabled TElTree features like custom background images, items of different height, OLE drag’n’drop support, non-scrollable columns and so on.

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