New LMD 2011.3 Installers available

March 2, 2011

New LMD 2011 installers are available. New version is 2011.3. All main and standalone pack installers were updated. Review all changes on history page. All changes of the LMD 2011 platform can be found on the What’s New page.

  • ThemeEngine: Support of Ribbon Controls from Delphi 2009 on
  • GridPack: Several major new features added.

The What’s New page includes screenshots of new features. Following updated demos are available: LMD GridPack LMD DockingPack LMD ScriptPack - Debugger LMD ScriptPack - Mapping LMD ScriptPack - Notepad Demo LMD ThemePack (Ribbon support) Following new Wiki documents are available: LMD ThemePack - Themes Editor LMD Themes - Concept Overview LMD ScriptPack - Updated online documentation

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